Gladiator tree frog Hypsiboas pugnax

Gladiator tree frog

This beautiful frog was seen perching on the barbed wire surrounding a cattle field. The male gladiator tree frog excavate water filled nests at the edge of a water body. Males call from the nest sites enticing females down from the forest canopy. Females lay their eggs in the nest which float. The male will then sit and guard the eggs. In particular eggs are guarded from other male frogs who may jump into a nest breaking the water tension and therefore sinking and subsequently drowning the eggs in the nest water. Gladiator tree frog males are equipped with a spine which grows from the wrist of the frog. Male frogs will defend their territories and will fight off rival males using their spines to gouge eyes and break ear drums.

Location: Magdalena valley: Colombia Status: Least Concern Dimensions: (748x690)